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5 tips for cleaning your kitchen to a shine 


“The kitchen is the heart of every home!” – you have often heard this catchphrase, haven’t you?! And for such a “vital organ” of the organism, which is your home, you need to look after it very carefully. The fast pace of life in modern societies forces people to find ways to cope with daily tasks faster.

The most important thing is to treat cleaning not as hard work that will take all your strength, but as time that you can enjoy, listening to an audiobook, a new podcast or just your favorite music.

Here are our 5 tips for cleaning your kitchen efficiently and quickly.


1. Organise and clean out the cupboards and refrigerator

Start by throwing away anything that’s spoiled or expired. Grease from cooking splatters, condensation from temperature changes and steam, seal contamination, as well as bacteria on hands and food can stain and damage them. Don’t forget the cabinet door handles either. 

Clean the cabinets with lukewarm water and an all-purpose cleaner diluted with a little white vinegar. Be careful not to over-wet the wood. Rinse and then clean the finish with a dry cloth and clean water.

If grease has built up, wipe the cabinets with a few drops of ammonia diluted in clean water. Then rinse with clean water. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Disinfect surfaces with an antibacterial kitchen cleaner or a solution of one tablespoon of bleach to one quart of water. 

Do not use corrosive cleaning agents and abrasive sponges. Wipe down the inside of cabinets and drawers with an all-purpose cleaner or white vinegar diluted in water. Rinse and let dry. 

Use a toothbrush to clean around edges and crevices. Allow the surface to dry completely before placing the cookwares inside. Organise things inside so that you can find them easily and quickly whenever needed.


2. Clean all the electric appliances in the kitchen

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Clean the microwave and dishwasher with vinegar water. For your baking oven, you can choose baking soda dissolved in water. Use either home remedies or professional cleaning chemicals.

The choice is yours but, if you have settled on household chemicals, use only quality products. If one makes a choice in the direction of professional chemistry, it not only helps to reduce cleaning time, but also will keep the surfaces safe. In addition, certain chemicals are used for different types of coatings, which are much more economical.

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3. Use citric acid to disinfect the kitchen worktops

Rinse. Clean the hobs with a microfiber cloth soaked in diluted white vinegar. Always have sufficient cleaning supplies and equipment.

Many people forget that it is necessary to have more than one rag or sponge at home. There are now a large number of cleaning sponges and cloths made of different materials on the market. This is not just a marketing gimmick. Each of them serves to clean what it is designed for.

You should wash your inventory after each use. It is also important to remember that rags and sponges should be changed often.


4. Remove the bag and wash the trash can with hot water and liquid soap

Don’t forget sinks and faucets. The absorber must be disassembled at least once a year. Soak the filters in a basin of hot water and a little degreaser until the dirt starts to dissolve.

Use a toothbrush or sponge for washing. Never use cleaning wires or tools made of abrasive materials, as they can damage the filters. After that, do not put them back immediately. Drain them and dry them well.


5. Keep the kitchen clean in the first place

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Advice that can be applied to any area of life. Remove dirt immediately after cooking, do not let a mountain of unwashed dishes form in your sink, clean the floor regularly. Such actions will not take much time, but during the general cleaning you will notice that it took you much less time.


Final notes

Modern women are not only committed to work and family life, but also find self-development resources and hobbies that help them not get stuck in a routine. However, they cannot forget about household chores.

Keeping the house clean takes a large amount of time and effort that could be used in other ways than just cleaning the home to a shine. Therefore, good organisation and optimisation of different types of activities are essential, fitting in as little time as possible to check off a lot of work.

And if you feel that the cleaning of your kitchen is not your cup of tea, you can always delegate that tedious task to a professional cleaning company. Feel free to contact us and request a home cleaning quote. You can find more info about our domestic cleaning services at Merci Cleaning London or on our official Facebook page.

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