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How to prep my home for professional cleaning


Hiring a professional cleaning service can significantly enhance the comfort and cleanliness of your home. However, to maximise the efficiency of the service and ensure that the cleaning is done thoroughly, it’s important to prepare your home before the cleaners arrive.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to take to get your house ready for a professional cleaning, ensuring that you get the most out of the service.


  1. For professional cleaning, declutter the space

The first and most crucial step is to declutter your home. Professional cleaners are there to clean, not to organise your personal items. Remove toys, clothes, dishes, and paperwork from the floors, furniture, and countertops.

By clearing these items, you provide cleaners with unobstructed access to surfaces that need to be cleaned, such as floors, tabletops, and counters. This not only speeds up the cleaning process but also prevents any of your valuables from being misplaced.


  1. Provide clear instructions

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Every home is unique, with specific areas that may require more attention. Before the cleaning service arrives, make a list of any special instructions you have for them, whether it’s about areas that need extra care, or if certain rooms should be avoided or require special products due to allergies.

If you have pets, provide instructions for dealing with them as well. This helps in personalising the service to suit your specific needs and ensures that the cleaners are well-prepared.

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  1. For professional cleaning, secure pets and personal items

If you have pets, make arrangements to keep them secure or out of the way during the cleaning process. This is for the safety of both the pets and the cleaners.

Also, ensure you secure all personal items, especially valuables such as jewellery, electronics, and important documents. Even if you trust your cleaning service, it’s best to avoid potential accidents or misunderstandings.


  1. Identify and address high-priority areas

If there are areas in your home that require special attention, make sure to identify them before the cleaners arrive. This could include high-traffic areas, bathrooms, or the kitchen. Pointing these out or marking them on your initial instructions can help ensure that they receive the thorough cleaning they require.


  1. For professional cleaning, prepare cleaning supplies (If required)

While some professional cleaning services come equipped with their own supplies, if you prefer specific products used due to allergies or personal preferences, have them on hand.

Place them in a visible area with notes if needed, especially if they are products that the cleaners might not typically use, like special wood cleaners or hypoallergenic products.


  1. Provide access to water and electrical outlets

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Ensure that there is easy access to water and electrical outlets. This might seem obvious, but it’s essential for the efficient use of cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners and steam mops. Remove any obstacles that might prevent access to these utilities.


  1. For professional cleaning, leave instructions for secure access

If you won’t be home during the cleaning, make sure you provide clear instructions for entering and securing your home. Whether it’s hiding a key, providing a code, or informing a doorman, secure access is crucial. Ensure that these instructions are clear and straightforward to avoid any confusion or security issues.


Final words

Preparing your home for a professional cleaning might require some time and effort, but the results are worth it. A well-prepared home allows the cleaners to work more efficiently and ensures that you are fully satisfied with the cleaning service.

Feel free to contact us and request a cleaning quote. You can find more info about our cleaning services at Merci Cleaning London or on our official Facebook page. 

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