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How to use the steam cleaner like a pro?


Steam cleaning is one of the cheapest, most-ecological, and highly-effective ways to maintain hygiene at home. What can be cleaned with a steam cleaner? Practically almost everything. Except for surfaces covered with paint, paper products, epoxy resin, marble, and granite. But how to make the best out of your steam cleaner? Let’s find out!


The steam cleaner and the different surfaces 

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You can use your steam cleaner for the following surfaces and materials: upholstery, mattresses, curtains, carpets, floors, tiles, and ceramics. Just take into consideration these aspects:

  • Use a steam cleaner attachment for these surfaces
  • Do not stop moving the machine to avoid wetting the fabric
  • Steam should not be used on porous floor surfaces


Glass, mirrors, kitchen appliances, and the stove top

  • Use a steam cleaner window attachment
  • Swipe from top to bottom in stripes
  • Disinfect trash cans, cutting boards and work surfaces
  • You can clean the fridge and defrost the freezer


When cleaning the fridge, start by removing the metal grates and clean up any food residue with a damp sponge or rag. Then use the steam cleaner with a nozzle attachment. Wipe off the moisture with a clean cloth or paper. For the refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser use your steam cleaner with a thin attachment and focus on the little nooks and crannies. Dry everything after you are done.

For cleaning the kitchen countertops – wipe off any dirt with the brush attachment. Attach the detail nozzle to reach hard-to-reach places. Do not use on granite or marble countertops.

When cleaning the dishwasher, heat some water in your steam cleaner and use it with a nozzle attachment to clean hinges and corners. After you’re done, wipe off the excess water.

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What else can you clean with a steam cleaner?

  • Filters and grills (air conditioners, hoods, barbecues)
  • Mowers
  • The interior of the car
  • Pet’s bed or cage, litter box
  • Toys


The jet attachment on your steam cleaner can come in handy when cleaning around the toilet. Use it to clean around the base of the toilet, then clean the toilet seat.

The tracks in the sliding shower doors. Use your steam cleaner with a nozzle attachment to remove accumulated debris. Then wipe with paper towels.


How to use the steam cleaner like a pro?

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The power should be at least 1000 W, so that the cleaning is properly done. Many handheld steam generators are less powerful. With such models, you can save energy, but they work slowly. As for floor units, it is best to choose a power of at least 1700 watts.


Pressure and temperature

It is best to choose devices that have at least 3 bars of pressure. They are able to deal with ordinary dirt, disinfect furniture and surfaces. If more difficult work is to be done, the pressure should be higher. The best temperature varies from 100 to 140 degrees.


Tank volume

If you do not want to constantly add water, choose floor models with a tank of 1.2 liters and above. If the steam cleaner is manual, you should not take one with a tank volume of more than half a liter.


The most useful steam cleaner attachments

  • Brushes: There are also nozzle brushes with a scraper, they must be used carefully so as not to damage the materials.
  • Towel covers: For those who need to clean delicate fabrics as well as windows.
  • Nozzles: Make it possible to penetrate into the most hidden corners.
  • Wet steam: Will help you remove creases from a curtain, clean a dirty coat and iron a shirt.


The don’ts of steam cleaners 

  • Do not buy the cheapest models, as they are not designed for constant cleaning and difficult dirt removal.
  • It is not advisable to use tap water. It is too rough and can lead to rapid scale build-up.
  • Do not add antiseptics, fragrances and detergents to the water tank, they can make the device unusable. There is a specific cell for all these fluids.
  • Before pouring it again, unplug the appliance and wait until it cools down.
  • After cleaning is complete, all remaining water should be drained and the tank thoroughly wiped. Attachments should be washed and dried in natural conditions.


Final notes

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is considered the most environmentally friendly because no chemical detergents are used, the surface is disinfected, all microorganisms are destroyed, and unpleasant odor is eliminated. They are extremely easy to use, and require a minimum of time and effort.

And if you feel that cleaning is not your cup of tea, you can always delegate that tedious task to a professional cleaning company. Feel free to contact us and request a home cleaning quote. You can find more info about our domestic cleaning services at Merci Cleaning London or on our official Facebook page.

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