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How to clean your kids’ room properly?


All parents want the childrens’ room to be beautiful, clean and tidy. Well, in an ideal world It is best for children to take care of their own room, so that they acquire valuable habits that will serve them for a lifetime. But while your children are too little, you will have to take care of the cleanliness and order of their room. In the following lines we are going to share some useful tips on how to clean your kids’ room properly.


Clean your kids’ room by decluttering

Start by taking care of the clutter: toys, books, souvenirs, hobby supplies, video game controllers… Put everything where it belongs. It’s best to keep things in specific places to make them easier to find.

From a very young age, children can learn to put their toys away after playing in closed baskets, in plastic containers with wheels or in “pirate chests”…Which have specific places in their room. The textbooks, notebooks, books, and aids should be stored in the cupboards and drawers of the desks.

“Organise your closet!” is a mantra that every mother of teenagers has repeated, repeated, and will keep repeating. But it’s really important to periodically organise the clothes in the closets and underwear drawers. To mark thus another point in favour of cleanliness against disorder! Less mess makes cleaning up faster. That’s why proper storage and organisation of children’s toys and clothes is so important.


Routine activities

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Change the sheets on the children’s beds every week and shake out the blankets. Vacuum the mattresses. Pat and dry the pillows and duvets in the sun. The cavities between mattresses and bed frames should not be forgotten when cleaning either.

Wash carpets and curtains once a year. Don’t forget to clean the windows, window frames and doors. Initially, it is best to allocate the warmest room in the apartment for a nursery, preferably facing the sunny side to prevent mould.

The next recommendation is not to clutter the children’s room with furniture, as children’s games require sufficient free space. And fewer items are easier to maintain. The lower shelves of the wardrobes can be freed up to accommodate the toys. Toys can also be stored in the bottom drawers of the cribs.


Clean your kids’ room by taking care of the toys

You can put the plastic ones in the dishwasher or clean them by hand: you can wash the toys in the sink with hot water and your usual dish detergent. If you soak your toys in the sink, we recommend adding a little bleach or white (apple cider vinegar). Rinse them well and dry them. Be sure to clean the rubbers by hand so that they are not deformed by the hot water in the dishwasher.

Clean wooden toys with vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the dirty toys with the vinegar solution and let them sit for about 15 minutes. Be sure to wipe them with a damp cloth afterwards.



You need to remove the dust well even in the forgotten corners of the room. So move the beds, bedside tables and everything else so you can do this more efficiently. Also notice if there are cobwebs.

Clean dressers, desks, doorknobs, ledges, shelves, computers, keyboards, mice, and other surfaces that collect dust.

Clean electronics by using alcohol-based solutions: Electronics like tablets or phones shouldn’t get wet when you clean them, but they should be disinfected often. Remove any covers or boxes and clean them of dust using an alcohol wipe.

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Clean your kids’ room by vacuuming the floors

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Save the floor for last because it can get dirty when you move everything. First, make sure you pick up coins or other small items that can accidentally be vacuumed or swept away. If you have carpet, vacuum the entire floor, including under the bed. If you have parquet, laminate or something else, run a vacuum cleaner, then clean with a mop or a washcloth with warm water and detergent.


Final words

The iconic Freddie Mercury video!…Cleaning is always more fun with the music. Especially for teenagers!…The children’s room is a separate and special world in which everything is subject to its own laws established by its young owners. 

With little dedicated time, but regularly, the children’s room can become a space where your children will enjoy spending time. Also, it is easier for them to focus on their homework if they have a clean space around them. 

And if you feel that home cleaning is not your cup of tea, you can always delegate that tedious task to a professional cleaning company. Feel free to contact us and request a home cleaning quote. You can find more info about our domestic cleaning services at Merci Cleaning London or on our official Facebook page.

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