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5 things to clean in your home by New Year’s Eve


The Christmas holidays is time for rest and catching up with relatives and friends. But relaxation will be much more satisfying and well-deserved if you have done some work beforehand. Including the house work. Cleanliness in the home attracts wealth, luck and prosperity. Therefore, clean wise and don’t procrastinate.

Here are 5 things to clean in your home before New Year’s Eve.


1. Clean the bathrooms and guest rooms

If you are planning to invite your relatives or friends over for the Christmas holidays, it is best to clean your wardrobes and bedrooms. Start by decluttering everything and running a vacuum through every room and closet to get rid of dust. Don’t forget to change the bed linen and prepare the pillows so that your guests can sleep comfortably. 

Of course, bathrooms and toilets must be clean too. Not only if you have guests over the holidays, but also to invite luck into your home, according to feng shui. It is also a good idea to clear the balconies of old things collected there. So when you and your guests go out on New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks there is room for all of you.


2. Clean the kitchen inside-out

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The kitchen is a very busy place during the holidays. As a centre of culinary art, where ladies and gentlemen will “swirl”, it must be as comfortable as possible. For this purpose, all excess dishes must be stored in the cupboards. 

Pre-clean all necessary utensils, ovens and cooking surfaces. The moment is very suitable for basic cleaning of the refrigerator. And after you’ve gained the necessary momentum anyway – why not defrost it?!

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3. Charity and garage sales

You can go through your books and donate some of them to your local library. The ones that are duplicates, your children’s books that you won’t keep as a keepsake, or those that you’ve read but didn’t really like. If you don’t donate books and magazines, you can sell them online.

The same goes for clothes, bags, accessories. Since you are going to rearrange your wardrobes anyway, you can separate the things that you have decided to part with. The same goes for the children’s toys and board games, as well as their smaller clothes.


4. Get rid of old stuff

Old newspapers and magazines, bills and receipts, directions that you no longer need, last year’s documents. Let the last one close the door! Sort what’s left in a special drawer and regularly “audit” it to make sure you’re not keeping anything superfluous. At the same time, make it a good habit to throw out unnecessary receipts, brochures and notes from your wallet and purse every week. 

They say that experience, knowledge and memories are the things that no one can take away from you. Think of this when you keep napkins from expensive restaurants, business cards of people you met at a birthday party but have no intention of seeing again, concert tickets, theatre programmes, etc.

Keep your memories in a photo and in your mind. Everything else collects dust and takes away valuable living space. The emotion that memories provoke is the most valuable thing, and you don’t need material things to reinforce it.


5. Clean the souvenirs and repair broken things

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Of course, we all have some things we just don’t want to throw away. These can be figurines, postcards, toys and other trifles that preserve unforgettable moments. These things can be left, but their stocks can also be reduced. You should leave only the things most dear to your heart and clean the rest properly. 

Donate, sell, or simply throw away what you don’t need and don’t bring you joy. Someone somewhere will appreciate it or benefit from it. We often have items that we plan to fix but never do. Old cell phones, a burnt out toaster, an unnecessary mixer or a huge food processor that takes up half the cabinet or counter. What is old and unnecessary to you is valuable to someone else.


Final words

Cleaning is not just a chore – it can also be a ritual. December is a month in which the cold weather somehow harmoniously coexists with our warmest feelings and hopes. Then comes the perfect time to finally finish the things you started and constantly put off and… throw away everything unnecessary as a symbol of liberation to start the New Year clean.

And if you feel that home cleaning is not your cup of tea, you can always delegate that tedious task to a professional cleaning company. Feel free to contact us and request a home cleaning quote. You can find more info about our domestic cleaning services at Merci Cleaning London or on our official Facebook page.

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