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How to deep clean your fridge to a sparkle? 


Maintain regular cleanliness in time so that cleaning does not become a burden! This general truth applies to all things at home that need to be given a cleaning, including our refrigerator. In fact, the refrigerator is among the most important household appliances in every home. So, make sure to clean your fridge on a regular basis and do not allow the procrastination to crawl in. 

For the sake of good hygiene and healthy food, it is recommended to clean your fridge mildly at least once a week. Despite the lower temperatures in it, microorganisms continue to develop. But there is no room for worries – cleaning the refrigerator is not that difficult at all. And even though domestic cleaning might not be among your favorites, it is simply unavoidable. 

The regular cleaning of the refrigerator will guarantee you the long life of the appliance and will not leave room for harmful bacteria to grow. And when it comes to thorough cleaning with defrosting, the recommendations are to do it once every 2 months. Below are some useful tips on how to deep clean your fridge to a sparkle. 


Plan to clean your fridge before shopping

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Along with the freezer, the fridge must be emptied before defrosting and cleaning, which is much easier when you have fewer products to take out. The sink must be free of dirty dishes to accommodate all the removable parts.

First of all, secure the food supplies stored in the refrigerator so that they are kept cool during the cleaning process. A cooler bag is ideal in this case. Before starting the deep cleaning, do not forget to disconnect the refrigerator from the electricity for your safety. 

If your fridge is freestanding, pull it forward and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt underneath and behind. Don’t forget the dust from the black condenser coils located on the back of the appliance. Let it thaw for a few hours before you start cleaning it.

Empty the freezer and place a dry cloth at the bottom to absorb the remaining water. Leave the freezer door open, defrost it completely, meanwhile storing the products in a freezer bag. Clean thoroughly with a solution of water and dishwashing detergent. Regular removal of newly formed ice in the freezer improves its performance and prevents the frequent need for defrosting.


Clean the fridge’s interior

Dismantle all removable parts of the refrigerator, including the shelves, trays, drawers, bottle holders, etc. Clean them in the sink using a sponge, warm water and a bit of fairy liquid. Then let them dry and move on to the interior of your fridge. 

The best way to clean the interior of the refrigerator is by using a microfiber cloth, water, and fairy liquid (a neutral pH detergent is also fine). For the more stubborn areas, use an old toothbrush dipped in the detergent. After cleaning, wipe the inside with a clean cloth and water.

Keep in mind that strong detergents or some homemade recipes that include lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda can damage the surface of the refrigerator as well as the seals. Do not use highly abrasive cleaners with sand, acid or chloride either.

You should also avoid using fiber and abrasive sponges, as well as other similar rough cleaners and aids. When cleaning, be careful not to remove the refrigerator’s label, which is the passport of your appliance. Be careful not to let the cleaning water get into the ventilation or electrical parts of the device.


Clean your fridge on the outside 

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Proper cleaning of the appliance’s exterior depends on the material it is made of. For plastic exteriors clean with a little bit of lukewarm water and mild detergent. For exteriors made of steel doors use a soft cloth. If it is necessary to remove any dirty stains, use a little water or a pH neutral detergent.

At the end of the cleaning procedure do not forget your greatest assistant in polishing, namely the kitchen paper. It will add a touch of shine to the already cleaned fridge. The best moment, of course, is putting the products in the fridge and the pleasure of seeing it clean and sparkling. 


Final touches

After you have taken care of the cleanliness of all parts and dried them, plug the refrigerator back to the mains. Once the appliance has reached its optimum cooling temperature, put the food back. It is recommended to store the products in suitable envelopes and containers so that they stay fresh for longer. Now you can enjoy a clean fridge and have peace of mind every time you put food in and out of it.

And if you feel that home cleaning is not your cup of tea, you can always delegate that tedious task to a professional cleaning company. Feel free to contact us and request a home cleaning quote. You can find more info about our domestic cleaning services at Merci Cleaning London or on our official Facebook page.

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