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How to clean your bathroom effectively?

For many, cleaning the bathroom is the most unpleasant task when it comes to household chores. But it cannot be avoided. Inevitably, the moment comes when we have to face the “adversary”, armed with brushes, towels, gloves and glasses! But do you know how to clean your bathroom effectively? In the following lines we are going to reveal you the secrets!


Here are a 5 tricks that will help you clean your bathroom effectively and economically

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1. The old shower curtain will look like new if you wash the yellowed and soiled areas with a solution of oxygen and plain water in equal parts.

2. Oxygenated water helps a lot against limestone deposits, as well as against yellowish and grey spots on the bathtub. Spray with a sprayer, leave on for half an hour, then wash with warm water.

3. You can also clean your bathroom surfaces by sprinkling with soda and after a few minutes pour vinegar. Then you clean with a brush and finally rinse with warm water.

4. A solution of one packet of citric acid in a glass of water helps against yellowed surfaces. Apply the solution to the stains with a sponge and wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes.

5. To polish the toilet, use mustard powder mixed with citric acid and cornstarch in equal parts.


And 5 more useful tips on how to clean your bathroom effectively

1. Cleaning the washing machine

  • Option 1: Pour 30 – 40 grams of citric acid into the dust compartment and run the washing machine on a full cycle at maximum temperature.
  • Option 2. Mix a quarter cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of water. Pour the mixture into the dust compartment. Pour two cups of vinegar into the washing machine drum. Let it spin. After completing the wash cycle, thoroughly wipe the rubber seals, drum and door with a clean cloth. 

2. Cleaning the toilet bowl – baking soda and lemon juice – mix them together in a bowl. Then pour this mixture over the lid, the seat and the inside of the toilet bowl. Let it work for a while, then put on the gloves and start cleaning the stains. For this purpose, you can use an old toothbrush, which you can then throw away. 

3. Cleaning of glass surfaces – rinse the shower cabin with warm water and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. For stubborn stains, mix lemon juice and baking soda or vinegar and baking soda. Spray, wait 30 minutes and then wipe again with a microfiber cloth.

4. Get rid of irritating stains on chrome elements, taps and faucets in a very easy way – take a small kitchen towel and soak it thoroughly in vinegar. Wrap it around the sink faucets and leave it on overnight. In the morning, rinse with hot water.

5. Unclogging a sink or syphon – all you need is vinegar and baking soda – the magic ingredients! And here’s what you need to do: Pour 1/2 cup of soda water down the drain, followed by the same amount of vinegar. Wait 30-40 minutes and pour at least 1 litre of hot water on top to wash off.


Here are 7 proven tactics to clean your bathroom floor and walls

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1. Bleach is dissolved with a little water, then the mouldy areas are passed, wait about 1/2 hour and wipe with a damp cloth.

2. Use apple cider vinegar to clean mould. Not miscible with water. The affected areas are smeared with it. You wait 20-30 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth.

3. Oxygenated water: you can mix with vinegar to enhance the effect.

4. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial, antiviral and natural product. Mix 2 teaspoons of water and 1 tsp. tea tree. Spray and wipe after some time to clean your bathroom effectively.

5. Grapefruit: squeeze 1 grapefruit. Mix with a glass of water, spray and wipe after 1/2 hour.

6. Talc: you can use talc for the tiles and the floor. It absorbs dirt very well. You wipe and the tiles will shine.

7. Salt: you dissolve salt in a little water. Rub the contaminated area well and wipe.


Final notes

Follow these tips to clean your bathroom and you will enjoy a perfect and freshly looking bathroom. A bathroom, in which you and your family members will not only maintain good hygiene, but will also relax as if in a real spa oasis.

And if you feel that regular bathroom cleaning is not your cup of tea, you can always delegate that tedious task to a professional cleaning company.

Feel free to contact us and request a home cleaning quote. You can find more info about our house cleaning services at Merci Cleaning or on our official Facebook page.


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